Liberty in Captivity


Liberty in Captivity is a Bible study that is aimed at inmates for individual or group Bible study. It is written in a clear language, is short and the lay out is simple. These lessons have been designed to apply to your daily life, to come to know that the God of love stretches his hand out to you, his child, today. Course test included.

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SUBTITLE: Prison ministry lessons for the juvenile inmates



SUMMARY: There is a Latin phrase “carpe diem” which means “seize the day”. It suggests you should make use of each opportunity that comes your way. Do not live your life in such a way that you will have regrets later on. You are in prison, but there are opportunities to play sport, do gym, minister to and encourage one another, go to school, write a book about your life story … make choices today that will positively impact tomorrow!

About the Author
Lesson 1 – A new beginning
Lesson 2 – Prospects for a new year
Lesson 3 – God’s gift
Lesson 4 – Prayer
Lesson 5 – Temptations
Lesson 6 – Questions
Lesson 7 – Disciples for Christ
Lesson 8 – Testimonies
Lesson 9 – Talents
Lesson 10 – Like Father, like Son
Lesson 11 – Riches
Lesson 12 – Grace
Lesson 13 – Love
Lesson 14 – Brokenness
Lesson 15 – Labels
Lesson 16 – Fruit
Lesson 17 – The devil lives in fear
Lesson 18 – Anger!
Lesson 19 – Family
Lesson 20 – Winter in your heart
Lesson 21 – Love letters
Lesson 22 – Gossiping
Lesson 23 – You can change
Lesson 24 – You are unique
Lesson 25 – Boundaries
Lesson 26 – Turn it around
Lesson 27 – What happened?
Lesson 28 – The dog and the wolf
Lesson 29 – Hot water
Lesson 30 – Harvest
Lesson 31 – Prison mother
Lesson 32 – Free indeed
Lesson 33 – Eagles
Lesson 34 – Under it all
Lesson 35 – A picture says a thousand words
Lesson 36 – A puzzle
Lesson 37 – Bricks
Lesson 38 – From my prison window
Lesson 39 – All about me (group project)
Lesson 40 – Finish strong
In conclusion

PUBLISHER: Bible Media


Val Hamann is the ideal person to have written a book like this! Her love for doing God’s work and the experience she has gained from being among the youngsters of Drakenstein Prison have served her well. Couple this with her vibrant personality and infectious joie de vivre and you have a disciple of Christ who wishes to share his love for mankind, with everyone she meets. Jerry Gilbert – Leader of 2011 Kairos Torch 15 (Drakenstein Prison)